Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Best; Best Sunday (May 25,2015)

So first and foremost
So this week we had the baptism and confirmation of Oscar. He's a really great guy, and has literally come to church more than anyone else since January. What a stud. Really he's probably going to end up being one of my strongest converts, and he already had his interview to get the Aaronic Priesthood. Future Bishop? Yes. He's extremely capable and a really sweet guy.

This sunday was absolutely and without a doubt the best Sunday (so far) of my mission. We got up, got ready, showered, dressed in our nice fancy suits, and headed to church like normal. We show up to Elders Quorum (which is the first hour) and sit down. The other companionship of Elders with us told everyone that some recent convert's house flooded up to the waist because of the rain. Then, without thinking, everyone (about 10 americans are in the quorum) got up and headed over. We then discovered that it wasn't only the converts' house, but them and all of their neighbors. The streets literally turn into rivers when it rains here. So we, and the other americans (and my new convert Oscar, who is such a flippin stud- he helped out the whole time) ran to our respective homes to change clothes and bring mops, buckets, squeegies, pumps, and tubes to syphon  (so gross) out the pee/poop/trash/mud water.

It was the best thing ever. I saw families that hated the church and hated the members handing buckets over to us with smiles, I saw sick children sitting in a wet, dirty, flooded bed crying, and tons of priesthood holders jumping into action to help out some of the poorest people I've ever met. That's how the priesthood should be. If you'll note, the only paraguayan to help out at all was my convert, who is super cool. The other members from Paraguay said things like "ah I've done service my whole life why should I have to help out?" and other things like that. But, because of the examples that the rest of the quorum set, everyone began to do their part. Even the young women came to bring food and supplies.

Then all of us went in our nasty clothes to sacrament meeting. It was the best sacrament meeting ever. I got to take the bread and water in a t-shirt and crocs. We also had the confirmation of Oscar (he kept in his sunday clothes) but really it was just an amazing experience overall.

So cool.

Other than that, we saw a guy literally snorting cocaine when we were contacting. Pretty sketchy, but a different set of pace from the countryside.

Elder Wilson
People actually think crocs are stylish here

                                                  The cookies the sisters gave me for my birthday. I thought 
                                                  Maren would like this one. 
                                                B-day bash (I got a few cakes, and some presents, and
                                                cookies  from the sisters in my district. The sisters also 
                                                called and sang  happy birthday. They're very different
                                                from Elders.  First time I've ever heard the word   "lavender" 
                                                used in a district meeting.
                                                                         So many Americans!

                                                                           Baptism of Oscar

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