Sunday, August 9, 2015

Padawan (June 22,2015)

Dearest friends,

So now I'm training Elder Garbett from Athens, Alabama. 
Next door neighbors, right?!

Anyways, this last week we got calls from the office for the transfers, and when they said that I, and literally everyone in my district, was training, I kinda freaked out. In a good way (I was super excited). So we're all trainers (and Elder Abarza who I lived with in Paraguarì) It's an interesting and new challenge and I hope to meet it with success and courage. Right now we don't have hardly any investigators and the work is starting out slow, but we're learning and being diligent and I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. I'm learning a lot more about my own missionary work from having to teach a new guy how to do everything. 

Elder Garbett is cool, and his spanish is really good for having started his mission 6 days ago. He'll learn fast and drop about 50 kilos of weight like si o si I guarantee it. He's got a lot of strenghts that will lead him to success in his mission. He's starting his mission at 21, and it's pretty funny to see the size difference between the two of us. As usual. 

Also, Elder Liddell and Elder Cox, who I lived with in Paraguarì, ended their missions the day I started training, and I got to see them in the office. It was a weird experience but it was nice to see that Elder Liddell finally baptized someone on the last saturday of his mission. I'm happy for him about that.

so that's why I'm going to be starting email a little later again. P-Day starts at 11 during the 12 weeks of training. 


Elder Wilson

If you want to know literally everything you need to know about my companion:
watch his youtube parody "Church Talk" (his channel is called lds parodies) 

I'll try to send pictures as well

                                                                      "este es mi hijo amado"

                                                 Everything you need to know about elder Garbett

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