Sunday, August 9, 2015

Conozca Los Mormones‏ (July 27,2015)

This week we finally started to see some success in our area.

For those of you who don't know, working in the city in Paraguay is very different from working in the countryside. We eat a lot with members, teach a lot with members, and generally have a lot more contact with the members. Members members members.  In areas like Paraguarì and Coronel Oviedo, we went out adventuring to find little shacks in the jungle where there were people to teach, and here we mostly work with member referrals. 

This week, in a lesson at the house of some recent converts, we got the chance to watch Meet the Mormons, because the only Paraguayan with Netflix happens to be a convert of about 3 months. We brought our 16 year old investigator Wilson with us as well. Everyone makes fun of the fact that he's named Wilson and that Elder Wilson is teaching him.

Elder Garbett and I just finished our first transfer together. Overall it's been really great, but I've been having to work a lot to not use deadpan sarcasm because it's the only language my companion and I speak. It's a bit like me when I got here, and we do really get along well, but I can see how hard it could have been for my trainer to deal with someone who uses sarcasm like I do. Nobody is perfect, and I'm sure not, but Elder Garbett has been doing a really good job at getting used to the mission and sort of figuring out how it all works. It's something that just takes some time and hard work, and he's on the right track. We're finally starting to see some fruits coming from our labors, and we had a few investigators at church yesterday. So, all in all, we're doing good. 

I also got to do another baptismal interview, which are always very spiritual and amazing. My assignment as District Leader has helped me grow a lot spiritually, and it's been cool to see things from the other side of an interview or a meeting.

Other than that, Elder Walsh, who I've lived with for 2 transfers is going home tomorrow with my trainer Elder Arrington. They're incredibly trunky, and it's actually really really bad. He got up this morning chanting "send me home! send me home! send me home!

Until next week,

Elder Wilson

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