Sunday, August 9, 2015

Text to Voice (July 20,2015)

Really during my time here in Ka'aguy Rory we've gotten really close to the Fernandez family. They're sort of a special case that always seem to have problems and challenges and it's an awesome experience to see them grow in the gospel. It's not fun, however, to see them backtrack. The dad went and got his temporary temple recommend this week, only to immediately start fighting and drinking like a crazy madman, threatening to beat up my convert Cristobal. Ridiculous. That same night, amidst all of the chaos and craziness at their house, something awesome happened. 

So Sister Fernandez cannot read. She's not educated, and has never read a book in her entire life. My companion and I had the impression to download the Gospel Library app onto her 17 year old son's filth-ridden ancient android gingerbread 1.0 samsung phone, and we introduced her to the "text to voice" and "audio recording options". As she was walking home from Cristobal's house, there were tears in her eyes as she was listening to the opening lines of the sacred record known as 
1 Nefi 1. She knew the Book of Mormon was true long before she could actually read it without the help of the missionaries. I asked her (in spanish of course) "Sister Fernandez, how is it?" "It's beautiful, Elder, it's beautiful"- It was a sweet moment and I don't know if people really appreciate the gospel like they should.We have so much at our disposal in the states. For instance, our ward had it's first ward council THIS YEAR on sunday. I wonder how that would fly in my ward.

I also hit a year in the mission this week on thursday. Pretty crazy. It's going by way fast, but I'm making the most of it. I hope haha. 

"The secret to missionary work is.... work"- Ezra Taft Benson (Okay I didn't know anything about the former prophets before my mission, but they were amazing. Spencer W. Kimball is probably my favorite though. I'm not choosing or anything.


Elder Wilson

                                     The Wilsons and Elder Arrington who goes home next wednesday
                                                           Gummy bears worshipping Papa Francisco

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