Sunday, August 9, 2015

Roll Tide (Aug. 3,2015)

So about a month ago Elder Garbett and I came across a guy named Carlos. He's a friend of a girl in the ward, and we decided to shoot by his house and talk to him. He was pretty interested, and he said he would love to go to church and read the Book of Mormon, but the only problem is that he would have to travel to Paraguarì for a month. So he left and we didn't talk to him for quite some time. We just went back to his house on saturday, and found that he had returned just that day. He quietly let us inside and we sat down and he told us about how The Book of Mormon helped him find Christ, and how we were the way that he discovered the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. There was only one problem: His mom HATES mormons. I could put money on the fact that she's never even spoken to a mormon. But whatever, he's super cool and loves the fact that the resurrected Christ came to the Americas. We're going to help him out. 

Also I've just gotta address this. Ashley, my younger cousin, is now married. Congrats, Ashley, and good luck! Eternity is a very long time. I wish I could have been there, but I guess just sending  It's nice to see active members of my family doing what they should.  The pictures are great and the blessings of a sealing are greater.

 Also can someone tell me if we have to get married by the government and later in the temple or how does that work with the new marriage law stuff? 

But other than that, I'm having a blast and working hard. This week was a bit tough, but with hard work comes blessings. We were walking by a restaurant and "Sweet Home Alabama" was playing and when the song went "Sweeeet home Alabama" Elder Garbett shouted 
"woooooooo ROLL TIDE ROLL!!" 
It was really funny. He doesn't even like football.


Elder Wilson

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