Monday, February 8, 2016

O Creaciònes del Señor

So this was another quick week with a few nice things that happened.
First off, we had splits with Elder West and Elder Torres from Las Lomitas, which is one of the Branches in our Zone. We had a good time teaching and running around in the rain. It's always a great experience to be able to support and help out the Elders in the Zone, and I deeply enjoy teaching the other missionaries. It's a great assignment. Very fulfilling. We're of course having a few problems in the Zone, with lots of missionaries coming in and out of special transfers in Las Lomitas. Elder West is getting to know his area, so it was interesting to see how he handled the day. He's one of our District Leaders.
We also got to go to one of the Sister's Baptisms, of Jazid, a 9 year old boy with active parents. It was great and a cool experience. Reminded me a bit of my baptism, with the Primary giving talks and all that.
I've also continued with a bit of a cold this week, which is always the worst. Of course, we kept working, and I'm better now. It's the first time I've had "just a cold" in my mission, and it's not very fun, to be honest. It's funny that I really haven't been sick in quite some time over here.
This week I also got to experience somewhat of a spiritual peace concerning the planet and wildlife and all of God's creations. I was sitting in our house and got to look out the window at all of the trees, feel the wind through the open window, and listen to all the sounds. It's something I never really thought I would appreciate, but I really, really did this week. So awesome, and with my mission getting closer to the end, I love to be able to soak in Paraguay wherever I'm at. The people, the sounds, the food, the culture, and of course, the beautiful jungle. I'm so blessed to serve here in Paraguay. I know I don't talk to much about negatives here in my emails, but really at the end of it all the good stuff is easier to remember than the bad stuff. I'm just in the middle of the best two years of my life. I'm once again stoked for Ethan. Colombia is apparently awesome, according to a lot of the members, and one member here actually served in Bogota, and let me know a bit about how Colombia is.
During testimony meeting some of the members actually mentioned my comp and I, and it was a bit flattering but also great to hear how we help out the members and the ward, and help them stay excited to preach the gospel. They mentioned how we're always happy and cheerful even when passing through challenges and being sick, and how when they saw that this week it helped them crack open the good ol' Book of Mormon.
Elder Wilson

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Before I start, I just want to express just how happy I am that my brother, Ethan, has been called to serve in the Colombia Medellin mission. I can't express just how excited I am for him to be able to serve, and especially in a foreign, spanish speaking mission. We're definitely going to be speaking spanish together. My companion's brother served in Colombia, and says it's a great place to serve a mission. Spanish is a wonderful language and I know that my brother witll love it. I'm so proud of you, Ethan. Although I was secretly hoping that you would come to Paraguay to be my last companion. I'm not going to see my brother for 4 years, but it's gonna be great to email and send over all the stuff I've learned. There'll be 2 Elder Wilson's in the field again. 

This week we had our Zone Training, which was really a great experience trying to help the missionaries to be as happy as possible and to reach their potential. I always feel great working in that sort of capacity, and helping the other missionaries brings a different type of satisfaction that really is great. The AC broke in the chapel, so we had to give the training for 4 hours in the sweaty humid heat, even though we were inside. It turned out well, and everybody loved their shirts and the catering service that we had deliver lunch. I hope that everyone was edified and strengthened by the meeting. 

I also had splits with Elder Chura, from Bolivia. It was nice to show him our area and help him out with how to teach and study. 

I got a little sick with some throat stuff this week, but I'm getting a lot better. 

Mostly I'm really just excited for Ethan.


Elder Wilson

        The zone, and the shirts we had made

                                 Yes, that is Moroni/Jordan. How funny is that, right? 
                                                              he back of the shirts     

Like the River Jordan (Jan. 25, 2016)

Not a ton happened this week, but a few fun things to talk about.
We had another Leadership Council, which was interesting because we have two new assistants that are sort of getting used to their positions. It was kinda fun and a great time to see my friends and talk business with President.
We also had our weekly missionary coordination meeting and made waffles as the refreshment. It was weird to try waffles after a year and a half. We have a great ward mission leader, and it's always nice to get to take care of the ward.
We also had a lesson with a woman who let us hold a towel that was dipped in the waters of the River Jordan. She said it had the power to heal people, and that she payed as much as she could to get it. She's a member of our church as well. Kinda sad, but it was a really funny situation, and now I can say that I touched the water of the river jordan during my mission. How neat is that.
We've been working really hard to excite the Zone, and we're making shirts this week and ordering catering for one of our meetings. It's going to be great, and I'll tell you all about it next week!
I love all of you a ton!
Elder Wilson

Martin Luther the Kiiing (Jan. 18,2016)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody! That's one thing that does not exist in Paraguay haha it was really weird to see it on my calendar and have it not affect me in any way at all.

So this week we had transfers, but the Lord decided that I should stay in Ñemby! Luckily it happens to be my favorite area. I have such a special love for the members of this ward, and it's been a different experience getting to truly love these people here. I loved my other wards, too, but my progress in the mission and level of obedience and devotion have really made this the best place in the world. I've gotten to make friends and be a friend. More than a missionary, but a member of the ward. It's amazing to be one of the Lord's missionaries. The ward and I really get along, and we dedicate ourselves in the service of our fellow beings here in Ñemby. 

The Zone also got changed around a bit. Basically the Zone is now filled with purely awesome missionaries. Really I feel lucky that the Lord has considered me worthy to lead and direct this group of his Saints. It's a sacred trust, but it's an honor (and a challenge at times). I'm truly trying to magnify both my calling and my assignment here, in bringing forth hope, charity, and faith. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's probably being cheerful and happy. I had no idea before my mission just how easy it would be for me to shake things off. Nothing really phases me at this point. I probably should have died doing all that hitchhiking nonsense in Paraguarì, so I'm kinda happy just to be alive. Just kidding, but I look back on my first letters in Paraguay and just ponder a bit on my growth and it makes me feel content. The best year and a half for my life.

Alejandro Montero, my recent convert, recieved the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and will now be able to baptize his daughter in a few weeks. I feel really blessed to be able to have a part in their lives, and to follow up and teach him what he needs to know to be a leader in the church. This man has true potential as a leader and a man of God. Just an amazing experience. Ah really I don't want to sound all peter priesthood or anything but seriously I just love the mission so much. I don't apologize haha.

I know this hasn't been the most specific letter....


Elder Wilson

Confirmed (Jan. 11,2016)

This week was great, with lots of opportunities to serve and use my Priesthood. On tuesday the sister missionaries in the ward had a baptism, and I was the one that was chosen to perform the ordinances. It was a wonderful experience especially since it was one of those "wedding baptisms". They're Adrian and Adriana Rodas. Adrian and Adriana. I know, right? But in all honesty it was amazing, and I felt the spirit testify of the act as I put them in the water. Another tender mercy of the Lord in my life. 

I also had the opportunity to confirm Alejandro Montero yesterday, and honestly it was another outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He went out on his first day as a member to do home teaching. I got to give a talk as well, where I talked about home teaching. I was able to talk a little bit about being companions with President Mauer, and how wonderful that was for me to learn from a true disciple. It seemed to have an effect on them, especially when I told them about how only a few weeks before he passed I "was too busy" to go out and do my visits. I never got another opportunity to visit with him, and it was something that really effected me. It was a spiritual experience to be able to share about how I was before the mission, for good and bad. I really do just love this gospel and am amazed at every corner about the love that Heavenly Father offers us. I'm surprised that I didn't really understand it even at the start of my mission, but I've seen many miracles and am a witness to the pure love of Christ. 

We also went out with two companionships in splits this week, on thursday and friday. First I went with Elder Ashby from South Jordan, Utah, who is in his training, and then with Elder Còrdova from Peru, who goes home in two days. I've thouroughly enjoyed being a zone leader these past few months, and with transfers being this wednesday, who knows what will happen. Every assignment does have it's end. 


Elder Wilson

                                                       Witness for the wedding

                                               Here's some cool photos of the baptism

These are the sisters from the ward. It's pretty funny because one of the sisters is american and one is from Peru, like Elder Vasquez and I. It's always interesting sharing a ward with sister missionaries. Once they tried to remove sisters and the members called and complained.