Sunday, August 9, 2015

Casa del Señor (June 1,2015)

This week we got to go to the Asunciòn, Paraguay Temple, and I forgot my camera.

When we first started, we did some Baptisms for the dead, and confirmations. I got to confirm my ex-comp Elder McDermott for like 30 people, and baptize (and get baptized) by an elder from guatemala. That was cool. Then we did an endowment session which was great. Let me tell you guys, I love the temple. Really it's a place unlike any other. You start to really appreciate the things you don't have over time in the mission, and the temple is no exception. The next time I get to go will be in a year, and I already can't wait. Such a renovating and revitalizing spirit that just fills me with happiness. Honestly it's incredible. Wow. 

I also did a baptismal interview for a guy named Josè Maria. He's a pilot and a historian and a karate master. He's also just a wee bit crazy but he's really smart and basically just "eccentric". When I said that I was from Georgia he started telling me about how hard of a worker Jimmy Carter was. Then he told me about how to karate chop a guy in the back of the neck. Probably the most interesting interview I've done on my mission. Cool guy though. He's the first baptism in one of the sister's areas since december, and it was awesome to see him get baptized. The bishop baptized him, and he hugged the bishop for like 5 minutes in the font after he got dunked. He's like 75 years old or something.

We also had Stake Conference, which was great. They talked a lot about eternal families and dropped cane about getting married, and our Mission President gave a talk about how the members don't help out the missionaries. What a great man.

I got a package which had some really really cool stuff in it as well. Everyone here was going crazy for the rootbeer. Also I would like to note that Oreos in the states are like twice the size of the American ones, and taste way better. Loved everything that was put in there!

We were all shocked about the news about L. Tom Perry, but It's pretty obvious 
where he's at right now. All the missionaries are talking about who is going to be the next apostle. Probably me. We'll see what happens, but I'm guessing it's me. just kidding.

This week was a little more low key, but a great week anyway with a lot of spiritual experiences in the temple and conference. 


Elder Wilson

                                                                    Jesus videos are super tight
                                                   SomethingI made with that crazy sand stuff
                                                                 My desk after I got my package.

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