Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Priest (June 8, 2015)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

So this week was a week of hard work with the Lopez family getting them prepped for their


They're great, humble, and super shy, but they have a lot of family members in the ward. The Fernandez family(The family that had the flooded house) is the mom of the wife, and they all just recently moved houses (because their last house got flooded with water and they had terrible neighbors). They're an amazing family. Their 16 year old son, Josè, went proselyting with us, and we went to a member's house (the member is a teacher) and she told Josè that she was going to help him graduate from the 3rd grade. He only ever made it that far, and he's extremely excited for the opportunity to complete elementary school. 

Oscar, my convert, got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and is planning on going to the cemetery this friday to start on his family history work. I'm absolutely going to have him baptize another one of my converts si o si. 
When he walked out of the Sacrament room this sunday he walked up to me and said "Just call me The Priest". It was pretty funny. We went and visited him to teach him about how to bless the sacrament, because he's going to do it this sunday. I love seeing the fruits of our labors here in the field. He was prepared to be baptized and now he's going to be doing work to help generations of people. So proud. 

The convert of the other elders here, for whom I did the interview, Belen, got baptized as well this saturday. She wasn't going to have permission, but her mom got sent to prison for theft and she got the permission from her grandma. God works miracles to bring forth righteous purposes. 

also, changes are happening here next week, so I'll have a new companion by next wednesday. My oh my how the time flows by. Hay que aprovechar.


Elder Wilson

                                                                                     The House
                                     We also baked my birthday cake for the birthday of Elder Walsh

"One time on my mission, my parents accidentally mailed me their car keys."
Never gonna forget that one. 

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