Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bridesmaids (June 15,2015)

Cristobal Lopez and Maria Belen Quintana Escobar
and Walter and his new wife Raquel

So this week, the Zone Leaders and my companionship had a double wedding. That means that Elder Jara and I married and baptized 2, and the ZLs married and baptized the other 2. It was really quite awesome. We felt extremely blessed by the Lord to have had the opportunity to teach Cristobal and Belen, and to finally see them doing something about their faith was amazing. We had to work like crazy to get the whole thing set up, but it worked out in the end. I mean, for a Paraguayan wedding set up by 4 teenage guys (and the young women's president), it looked pretty darn good.

Belen was incredibly nervous throughout the whole thing though. They're from a very poor family, and the other couple that got married was a little bit richer, and she doesn't like wearing dresses, and it was just a big crazy event (she's scared of crowds) so it was a little stressful, but everything turned out okay thanks to the Lord and the spirit. Obviously that's the only thing that's ever going to help anyone to get baptized, so I'm extremely grateful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with the ability to bring the weddings/baptisms to light. 

I baptized Cristobal, and my companion baptized Belen. We also participated in the laying on of hands to give them the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a wonderful experience that I'm never going to forget. Also, I'm pretty sure Cristobal didn't understand the whole "plug your nose" thing, because he straight up put his whole palm over his face. It was kinda funny but surprisingly it didn't really detract from the spirit. 

It also looks like my 6 weeks with Elder Jara are coming to an end. He's a good Elder, and has been a pretty good companion in this area. He also walks and acts just like a blind penguin. He's a really sweet guy though, and although he may not have good vision, his vision of missionary work is spot on. He's a great guy, and I wish the best for him moving on in the field. It's been interesting to have my first latin comp, and sometimes he gets mad about investigators talking about the USA
He's a really great Elder and will have great success on his mission.

But I have tons of pictures to send you guys, and that's going to take a while.
So I'll just send them to my mom and she can spread them out on facebook or whatever she does!


Elder Wilson

mocoi ñapymi-kuera para El Elder Wilson
iporà tererei-hina gracias a ñandajarape

Talking with my companion
                                               The Room right after we set up!
                                                        I was also a witness for the other couple
                                                          Elder walsh making fun of my companion

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