Monday, April 27, 2015

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins‏ (March 2, 2015)

(The title does not have to do with the missionary portion of the letter)

This week things calmed down a bit in Soto. By "calmed down" I really mean "shut down" because honestly it's a ghost town now that school started here. 
One fun thing I got to do this week in Soto is go to the bathroom in someone's shack just to realize that THE TOILET WAS BROKEN. I had to walk to the local well to fetch water, and come back to get that baby to flush. Honestly I'm extremely grateful for the things we have in the states, like water.

This week my companion and I have been finding a lot of awesome investigators and working really hard with the ones we have. The work is going a little slower than we would like but we're doing the best I can and seeing great results. We had a lesson with the headmaster or whatever of all the Freemasons in Paraguay as well. It was really interesting, and since I've learned a little more about the world's least cultish cult during my mission, it was cool to see and hear some weird stuff from the guy. He was super accepting and promised to read the Book of Mormon, which I'm sure he won't forget about, seeing as he lives right next to the Paraguay Temple.

I also went on splits with one of my ZL's Elder Allton. He's a really cool guy and I learned a lot. I always try to learn whenever I'm with my leaders here in the mission. This isn't my two years to sit around and stay the same, now is it? I'm having a great time though, and learned a ton about the mission and I really am constantly learning and improving. It's really cool to see and feel. I'm still me, I just feel a little better all the time. It's a nice feeling. 
But like I said, I'm still me. Here's some evidence:

Now it's time to dedicate a moment of quiet reflection to 
Leonard Nemoy, who passed away this last friday. Surely one of the great actors of our time. Or so he always probably thought.

Thank you for your quiet reflection.

Elder Wilson
Maybe he'll come back like in Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

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