Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Trouble in Little Soto‏

A drunk guy tried to throw his knife at me!

So this week the opposition is growing like crazy in a little pueblito named Soto!
(My convert Veronica lives there). We've been working there like crazy and finding a bunch of new people, but as we all know, Satan doesn't like it when that happens. So after a generally calm normal Saturday working over there in Soto, we decided to do some contacting. We clapped on a door, and she invited us in, telling us she had been waiting soooo long for us to finally clap at her door. "Wow, she might be solid gold!" we said. "Let's go in there!" We said. So then we proceeded to get lectured by who turns out is the wife of the local catholic preacher. Not fun. She explained to us how our members are just using us and how this is "my neighborhood" and "I don't like it when other religions come into my town to take over my family and my friends!" so we gently explained to her a few things about the church and the members and got out of there, as she explained to us how they were teaching in their chapel to reject the mormon missionaries. 

We then decided it was probably time to leave Soto for the day on the way out, and a drunk guy comes stumblin' out of his house with a big ol' Machete screaming (to the effect of) "HEY MORMONS WANT SUMMA THIS?" and luckily dropped it next to his foot on accident. By the time he had it back into throwing position we were gone. It was really pretty cool, and definitely made the day a little more exciting. Don't worry, I'm being careful.

We also have yet another dog who follows us. This time it's not a pitbull, and it's a lot smaller. Her name is Aleja, and she sleeps outside our house, sits under our chairs during lessons, and generally wants to be around us 100% of the time. It's literally waiting outside the place where I'm writing this email right now. I'll try to send some picures. 

Paraguay continues to be a fun and exciting place to teach, and my companion and I are working really hard and having a good time. We have an investigator who has attended church twice now, and can get baptized in like two weeks. We'll see where that goes. He's pretty cool.


Elder Wilson
Admittedly wanted to catch the machete like Kurt Russell at the end of "Big Trouble in Little China"

Our dog. It runs over to me all the time and likes me especially. I don't know why.

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