Monday, April 27, 2015

Cow's Hoof Stew (4/20/15)

So normally I write down in my planner what I'm going to talk about on P-Day with my family, but this week I kind of slacked on that front. The only thing that it says on my planner under "email to family" is: Cow's Hoof Stew.

Because I ate some cow's hoof stew this week. 2.5 stars out of 10.

We had interviews with President Agazzani this week, which were super awesome. He's a really great president, and although a lot of the missionaries complain about him (several of my companions) I think he's an amazing leader and a great man, and my interview went really long for some reason. They're supposed to be like 5 minutes long but we went over that by like 15 minutes just sorta chatting about the mission and companions and stuff. It was cool. 

We then saw him again at our District Conference for Paraguarì, which was a good experience, especially since some of our investigators drove really really far on a motorcycle all the way to another city just to go to the conference. Made us pretty happy. 

Also to talk about the cow's hoof. It's not that it's gross, but it just sort of doesn't make sense to eat it. You do all this work to get the meat off and then it sort of tastes like a piece of fat that got left out and hardened a little bit. Not exactly efficient. 

I also would like to thank my family for the package I recieved! Definitely one of my favorites so far. The Salt & Vinegar chips, Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, the old-timey copy of the book of mormon, the pictures of the beach, the pictures of Maren, the easter candy, the shirt, the pictures of Maren, and all the other stuff that was in there. Super awesome. The Latino Elders find the Book of Mormon original remake super interesting. It's cool to see the little changes that they did to transfer it over from old English formatting to the more modern stuff. Super sweet.

Well, the work goes forward. I need to write down what happens during the week. 

Oh yeah we also went back into a super Jungly place, but I forgot my camera. 
Yeah, I know, I know.


Elder Wilson

Haha you thought I forgot 

Package (with some stuff taken out of it... sorry, I really couldn't wait to open all the stuff)
This is me with a twinkie. It felt like Zombieland here in Paraguay with all the lack of twinkies.

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