Monday, April 27, 2015

(April 27,2015)

So we've got two people that are trying to get baptized this week. It's a little complicated, but it's kinda fun to explain.

So we've had certain investigators for quite some time. First I'll talk about Rodney. We found Rodney in like a "miracle contact" sort of situation a few months back on splits with the Zone Leaders, and then we couldn't talk to him too much for a while because he was always out of town (he's 9 years old) but we continued to teach him off and on. This last week, on another split with the Zone Leaders, we randomly went to his house, and he got interviewed to be baptized, and he got permission from his mom to be baptized. So you can say I'm pretty excited. 

The other is Noli, who hasn't ever gone to church with us until yesterday. She went a few times with some elders before but not enough to get baptized. Now she's sort of in a position where she wants to get baptized, but she has to go visit her grandpa who is on his deathbed on saturday and sunday. We told her to ask the Lord what she should do. He'll respond, she just has to know how to listen.

I see miracles every day people. Honestly it's like... literally every day. Sometimes we're miles away from town and I pray "please send someone to us if we're supposed to go to this place" and then as I say amen I hear my comp go "hey, a car!" and they stop and take us. That has happened many times. You could say it's a coincidence, but really stuff like that happens a lot. Super cool.

I'm having a good time, and although sometimes it's hard, it's always a good learning experience. 

Elder Wilson

Next week hopefully I'll have some baptismal photos to send home

                                         Me with my dad on the first day of school! Lolol just kidding.
Elder Liddell 

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