Monday, April 27, 2015

Prophets and Apostles‏ (April 6,2015)

Well General Conference was awesome.

I hope we can all agree on that one. Although it was a bit different, it was an amazing, spiritually uplifting experience. We also had about 4 investigators come to the Sunday Morning session, which was quite nice. 

Holland always kills it. There were so many talks that just would not have been the same had I watched them in Spanish. I got to watch them in english and it really improves the experience. Although President Packer is a little hard to understand sometimes. Great talk, though ;). All the other Elders that were watching it in English with me were kind of strange and didn't have plans to even think about girls after their missions, so they all got cane dropped on them about 1,000 times about returned missionaries who don't want to get married. It was super funny. 

One of our main investigators, Noemi, who was supposed to get baptized Saturday, discovered some pamphlets of the biggest apostasy garbage ever made: "Tabernacle of William Brannon". Honestly we couldn't believe  it when she told us that she "just remembered that she followed Brother Brannon and not Joseph Smith". "It's SO FAKE HOLY COW how can she not see this?" We thought. We proceeded to hit her hard with some Book of Mormon stuff, and told her that if she read the Book of Mormon, and would come to conference, she would know Thomas S. Monson was a prophet, and that the Church was true. She didn't come to conference, so we went back and had a crazy awesome lesson where we dropped cane using all of the conference talks (this happened last night. We taught with power and authority while talking about: The difference between dancing and hearing the music, Jesus saving us from falling off the cliff, and many, many, many of the conference subjects.
 She currently has a baptismal date in two weeks.

Honestly and frankly, we have a prophet here on Earth, and I'm extremely thankful for that. I also love every single one of the Apostles and General Authorities who spoke in the conference. I feel so blessed to live in a time where we have the power of God flow into his servants, and to all of God's children all over the world.


Elder Wilson

       The Elders and Sisters watching General Conference in English. The american sister is in her first week,          so her companion from Panama had to watch all of conference in English. 
                                                             Paraguarí at sunset

                                  Also some makeshift pasta salad because I had some italian dressing 
                                  They don't have a ton of ingredients but it was still awesome.

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