Monday, April 27, 2015

Josè Smith‏ (March 9,2015)

Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas,

This weeeek we spent some time exploring our area, which is, in fact, (according to what my zone leaders and everyone says) the largest area in the mission. So we've been exploring it a bit, and avoiding soto because nobody is really progressing there, and we figured that El Señor probably wants us to find some new people. We took our travels this week to a place called Caballero. It's further than Guazu Kua, but less "fields and swamps" and more "people with a car/way to get to church". It's a nice little town with a lot of pueblitos. Well, that's about all I can say about Caballero.

We also found some seriously cool investigators. One is named Jonas (12 years old), and my companion and we had to lift him out of his bed into his wheelchair, put his shoes on for him, and I rolled him all the way to church from his house. It was really rewarding to see him and his sister in church. After that we watched the movie Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration with them, and I guess you could say it turned out well. His sister (18 years old) cried and then said a prayer that was really cool and honest. She started reading the Book of Mormon before we ever even talked to her. We left it with Jonas and she saw it later and just started reading. Very cool. I love testifying of the restoration. I feel super cool whenever I do. It's totally sweet.

I also had the wondeful opportunity to drop cane super hard with the ward this week in my latest talk. I've given a talk like every week since I've been with Elder Liddell. Don't know why, but it's always a great opportunity to lay down the law on the apostate version of the church that exists in Paraguay. Honestly. Drunk guys blessing the sacrament? Not gonna fly in my father's house, know what I mean?That was back in Coronel Oviedo, but still here in Paraguarì there are some nasty problems that plague the church. It's always nice to remember that the Church is perfect, but the people in the church are not perfect.  

I also went to a birthday party for a girl in the ward who turned 18 and the next day got set apart as the primary president. She's in charge of like 90% of the inactive members here because missionaries just baptized children for like 10 years here.

I'm doing great, really. Honestly right now I have no complaints. I'm happy, I'm safe, we're doing our work and being obedient, and I just feel.... I don't know... happy. Like a missionary should be. 

No se precupen, mis hermanos y hermanas, todo esta bien conmigo. 


Elder Wilson

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