Monday, April 27, 2015

Crocodile Dundee‏ (March 23, 2015)

Another week

So to start out, I'm going to talk about our magical Sunday experience from yesterday. So yesterday was the start of fall in Paraguay, which means cooler weather, less daylight, and of course, setting your clocks back an hour. We got a call from our District leader, who got a call from our Zone leader, telling us to put our clocks forward an hour. Of course, being the sheep we are, we decided to do that, confiding in our leaders. What happened? We went out looking for investigators at 5:00 in the morning waking people up to go to church. "WAKE UP!" "AH COME ON MAN WHY ARE YOU GOING BACK TO SLEEP DON'T YOU KNOW THAT IT'S A COMMANDMENT TO GO TO CHURCH?" So then I had the impression to call my district leader. "Hey Elder ¿que hora es?"  and he responded "5:45". so we went home and decided to wait to go out and pass for everybody again. We ended up getting a few people to church, which was nice. This transfer I have seen the attendance at the branch go from 51 to 91, so we're making some progress.

Today we're also invited to a family home evening with some inactives to eat Crocodile. It's gonna be super sweet. I actually have grown to love eating the weird stuff here because it actually has some taste to it. Crocodile should be cool. I hope I get to eat it with a big bowie knife."Now that's a knife"

This week is the week of transfers, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm staying here with Elder Liddell. He's got 2 transfers left and unless he trains someone else I'm probably staying here. We'll see. Paraguarì is a sweet area. Really is the coolest.

Well, we're having a good time as always and working our butts off. I'm really feeling a good change going on in me as a missionary. It's like a cool superpower or something. A real one, not just money like Batman and Iron Man, or something really loud like Green Lantern's ring of power, but more of a slight one like Wolverine's healing. As you can see it isn't exactly a change of personality but more of a... I don't even know. It's cool. I'm having a lot of fun and I feel a little more mature about a lot of stuff. It might not seem like it based on the tongue-in-cheek tone of a lot of my emails, but really it's pretty cool to see.

I actually just think it's a bit of humility, is all.

Elder Wilson

My comp and I. Like Rush he doesn't really smile in photos, but he's cool. 

A Crocodile skin.

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