Monday, January 4, 2016

Conferences (11/16/15)

I'm excited and happy to say that I had a wonderful week filled with new information and excitement concerning conferences. We had a Zone Conference this week, and I had the opportunity to present to the mission the idea of "Working close to the chapel and the homes of members" not exactly my favorite subject, but we did pretty good. It's interesting to see that the missionaries really do need things to be explained to them well, and I felt that the spirit was with us during our presentation. We got to learn from our President, and I'm very happy that he's here with us now in the mission. His words are inspired from on high. We're going to start holding zone meetings with the district leaders to get things rolling. Just an idea we had the other day, and it'll be a good chance to better help the Elders and Sisters of the zone. 

But the best conference this week was Stake Conference, with President Wilson, The temple president, and Elder Walter F. Gonzales of the first quorum of the 70. What an amazing man and teacher. He spoke about the purpose of working as a team in the church, as well as tithing and the rising generation of youth. Our President also gave the challenge to gift a copy of the Book of Mormon to a friend with their testimonies written inside, and we gave out tons of copies yesterday. I have an absolute testimony of this work, and there is nothing that will ever stop this church from progressing. Something he said was that the church will keep going on even if we don't. So true. He also realted tithing with "thou shalt not steal" and helped us out to work better in councils and meetings. 

They came to the conference to choose a new Stake Presidency for "Estaca Ă‘emby" , because the old one has been around for 10 years. The new Presidency gave great talks, as well as their wives. It was funny to see how much they are like their wives. The big giant first councilor has a big giant wife, the little second councilor has a little tiny wife. Just a funny observation that made a few of the Elders chuckle. They're all great men, and really the only option that there is. President Walter Gonzales teaches using the doctrine of Christ, but comes off as humble instead of cocky. His teaching is the most similar to that of the Savior that I've seen up close, and it's a nice way to set the bar high for the missionaries. 

Not much more than that happened this week, other than some rule changes about who we can and cannot teach. Basically now we just follow the manual. Pretty cool though, and it's been a tough week as far as lessons. Friday was I think the hottest day of my entire life. I ate a half kilo of ice cream. Really, the mission is the best thing ever. I've never done anything so fulfilling in my entire life, and I don't think anyone ever can. I know it's the work of the Lord. I'm so blessed.


Elder Wilson

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