Monday, January 4, 2016

The Terminal (12/7/15)

Dear Family and Friends,
This week I have some sweet updates before I talk about what's happened.
So I had the chance to talk to some of my ex-companions in the terminal in AsunciĆ²n, and found out that my convert Oscar is second councilor in the Elders Quorum presidency! He teaches the class and is "awesome". I knew it. It was such a pleasure to watch him grow and get baptized and get the priesthood, first Aaronic, then Melchizedek   a quorum presidency. Just wonderful news. Elder Garbett went to a place called Eusibio Ayala for his second area, which is a huge contrast from Ka'aguy Rory. It's the only area in the mission where the missionaries are the branch presidency. Should be fun. Elder Jara also went to serve in a place that has no branch or ward. Super crazy. He wasn't too excited.
So Elder Sander went off to Villarica del Espiritu Santo. He was a great comp. We had a lot in common and it was easy to talk to him. I always made fun of him because even the members and investigators always asked him which part of the states he's from. We were able to collaborate and truly have unity as a companionship. He also has a killer accent in English. All of his companions have been Americans. Even his new trainee is american. To be honest I kinda miss having him as a companion, but I know that the mission continues on. 
My new companion is Elder Vasquez from Peru. I'm training him to be a Zone Leader, and he's only been in the mission around 9 months. He's been in the same city for those 9 months as well. He seems nice, and although it's an adjustment, it'll be good to serve him and the Zone.  Elder Vasquez breakdances and loves The Fast and the Furious movies. Very much like most of the Elders from Peru.

We also have a guy named Antonio in our ward who is super great and came to church with a hurt baby burd to clean it off and then set it free. I'll say more about it next week, but he's truly good and without guile. I convinced him to find a wife this week as well. Super funny guy.
Also I heard from Elder Garbett that my investigator Carlos got baptized and has the priesthood now! What a blessing. 
Elder Wilson

                                                                   Me and  Elder Vasquez

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