Monday, January 4, 2016

Transfers This Week (11/30/15)

Not much really happened this week. We've been working tons with different members, which is always a great time. One member, a recent convert named Antonio, comes out to work with us all the time. He gets dressed up in a shirt and tie, and comes out with us in the worst, hottest part of the day, because, as he says "I'm not doing anything else, and... well... It's great to share my testimony". He's really a great example of pure humility and testimony. He may not be rich, or powerful, or eloquent, but he's got a powerful testimony.

So this week we have transfers. Elder Sander and I are kind of freaking out because he's been here 5 transfers, and if he stays, it would be like a Misiòn Paraguay Asunciòn record. We're pretty sure he's going this time. 
It's been a great 2 transfers with Elder Sander. We've been working really hard, and this week we had about 8 or 9 inactive families that we've visited during our time go to church. It's not even that we visited them often, it's just that we felt the spirit and did what we thought was right. One sister told my companion and I that we were the most important Elders that had ever come to visit their family, because instead of just being friends with her family (her husband is an ex-missionary), we helped them get back on their feet and go to church. They've been active for about a month now.  Just something that made me happy.
I'm sure I'll have more fun news next week.

Elder Wilson

                                                                     From the inside of a bus

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