Friday, November 13, 2015

Suffer the Children‏ (Nov. 9,2015)

A long long week.

So at the beginning of the week, a small child named Thiago asked me to baptize him. His dad is an ex-bishop and stake high counselor, but couldn't do it, so he came up to me and said "hey... my baptism is Tuesday... can you be the one to baptize me?" of course I said yes. It was a great service, but I just couldn't find my baptismal clothes. So I had to baptize him in the classic baptismal onesie jumpsuit. It reminded me of both baptisms for the dead, and my own baptism. Especially since after it was all done he had his 8th Spiderman Birthday party, which was really cool. They did a good job for a birthday party/baptism, and I was very happy to perform the ordinance for Thiago. His parents were really grateful as well. 

On wednesday the Bishop's son came home from his mission in Argentina, which was interesting. He seems really cool, and he was instantly called to be Young Men's President in the ward. How crazy is that? We all saw it coming from a mile away, and in less than a week it was a reality. He's going to do really well, and he wants nothing more than to go out and work with us. A great example of someone who's planning on being a missionary for his whole life. 

Also, in a sad, sad note, the sister missionary that we helped went home. I tried. It was really sad, and I honestly felt like the prophet Mormon ... not sad because I didn't do my part, but sad because it was in vain because of the wickedness and temptations of the adversary. She could have been a good missionary. She got replaced by a local sister from a nearby city. What a shame. The Zone is in some hard times right now, but we're doing our part. Everybody's sick or they don't listen to our council and get into trouble. But we're serving them, and I love the missionaries here in Zona 6. 

In related news, I'm finishing up another round of the Book of Mormon, and just finished Mormon and I'm going into Ether. Really just the best book ever written. The Area Presidency asked the whole church here to start over and read it again before April General conference. So I'm planning on reading it again like twice or three times if I can. 

This week was also the best week ever because we had the Primary Program. It's always a blessing to see the kids sing and play and act up on stage. The kid that was conducting was hilarious. "We would like to thank sister... uh... and sister... uuummm.... well... all of the sisters from the primary for their work on the program" that got a laugh out of everyone. The primary program is the best sunday of the year. Apart from General Conference. 

Heavenly Father knows that I really do love little children. It's always been a soft spot for me, and I know that Jesus Christ loves them as well. Reading 3 Nephi really set that in for me, and I'll work really hard to be a good father, teacher, and friend to my own children. It's just such a blessing to get along well with kids. They're the best. 


Elder Wilson

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