Monday, January 4, 2016

Star Wars Christmas Special‏ (12/21/15)

Merry Christmas everybody!
This week we had our annual mission christmas activity, where the whole mission got together and played sports, had a talent show, ate, and had fun. It was awesome to catch up with old friends, take pictures (the cyber I'm at doesn't let you send pictures, so... next week) and generally have a good time. I got to talk to all of my old companions that are still here, which was sweet. 
Speaking of old comps, Elder Sander laughed really hard when he saw that we arrived in the 3i (my favorite bus) which we rented for a day for about a hundred dollars as a zone. I got to see Elder Garbett, who since he went out to the countryside has thinned out quite a bit, and Elder Jara as well. Elder McDermott was there, and it was fun to be with everybody again. We played a lot of soccer as well over there. Lots and lots of soccer. I'm not very good, but, what are ya gonna do?
My family also has a dog now. I have no idea how that happened, but we'll se how that one goes. Star Wars also came out, which is nice. I'm a bit of a light enthusiast myself, but I'm happy to be here in the mission field. :-)
No but really i'm not as upset as I thought I would be a year ago. I'm content with the mission and having a great time, and feeling the love of the savior. Trunkiness isn't affecting me like I thought it would. Despite all of the packages and christmas and stuff. I'm happy as can be. 
I'm also pretty excited for the skype.
Before I go, I would just like to testify of the wonderful beauty of the birth of our Savior. What an amazing, transcendent, beautiful event. I am forever grateful for all that the Lord has done for me, and that, in his infinite mercy, has saved us all from a worse fate. I am a personal witness of the spirit of the Lord in my work and the work of others. I love the Lord, and I know that he loves all of his children as well. For my last christmas in Paraguay, I hope to make the most of it. 
I love Christmas!
Elder Wilson

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