Monday, January 4, 2016

Las Lomitas (11/23/15)

This week was pretty normal, but with some cool updates and stuff. My companion who's next to me on the computer just asked me "anything interesting happen this week?". But I'll try to make it interesting.

During my time in Ă‘emby the ward has grown substantially. We've been working hard with the ward to-- well... just to open up communication and talk with the Bishop and the presidencies to make sure the missionaries are doing their work pretty well. It's worked out great, and this quarter we've seen an average of about 25 more members every week. Before we had about 90 and yesterday we had 118. We've also started doing Ward Council and Mission Coordination meetings, and this week we're going to have Priesthood Executive Council. It's been incredible to see the ward blossom like a rose here. All of the leaders are so selfless and amazing. 

As a Zone Leader we've been doing lots of splits. We ride tons of buses. My favorite bus is Linea 3, which the locals refer to as "3i" or in their accent "Chre-i". It's a tiny little bus with tons of people in it that goes really really fast and we always have a good laugh about it with the missionaries and members. This week I went to an area called "Las Lomitas" with a new Elder named Elder Kidd from Idaho. He's a great missionary, and we had fun talking about the mission and getting him excited. Then we had to go help the Sister Missionaries move houses (for the third time) which was, of course, wonderful. Only about 3 stories this time. It's funny to see how the new Elders talk and act and are. It reminds me of when I came at first. The mission is the best.

Also in Las Lomitas, another new Elder, Elder Brown, got bit by a dog and had to go to the hospital. Of 7 companionships, only Elder Sander and I haven't had to pay a visit to the hospital this transfer. I don't know what is going on, but we're doing more meetings with the district leaders and trying to get everybody excited for the work. Focusing on the Spirit and the Book of Mormon is something that I love doing. Just trying to push everybody up a level as far as the work goes. 


Elder Wilson

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