Monday, January 4, 2016

8 de Diciembre‏ (12/14/15)

Dearest Family and Friends,
The yearly "8th of December- March to Ca'aucupe" celebration happened this week. It's where everyone in the country walks to the basilica in Ca'aucupe to worship the porcelain doll statue of the Virgin of Ca'aucupe. It was funny because the Elders in Ca'aucupe had to sleep in the mission home for like 2 nights because it's dangerous in their areas. It's always interesting to see the holidays and other things that the people do here. Very different. This one was better than last year's.
Also, the bridge I took photos with fell and was destroyed this week during a thunderstorm. Looks like I'll never be crossing it after all.
Also about Antonio, so he's a recent convert that helps us out a ton. I gave him some ties and shirts that some other Elders left in the house, and he always comes out with us to work. He's the greatest guy, and he's 47 years old and unmarried, but he lives his life in the service of others and in the service of his fellow beings. I convinced him to get sealed last week and he's on the hunt to find a wife now. Hilarious, really. He's super funny. Wish you all could meet him. I think about the great members of the ward who are living in impoverished conditions but hold fast to the iron rod, and it brings a tear to my eye to think of them living as kings and queens with our Heavenly Father, exalted in the kingdom of heaven. What a great reward for these loving souls.
We also had another Leadership Council meeting, which was funny because I'm getting to the point where all of my missionary friends are at home or are going home soon. Elder Abarza who lived with me in Paraguarì was there, and he just hit a year. I watched him come to the apartment on his first day here!
This week we also have the mission christmas activity, which should be fun. I'll try to take loads of pictures and send them all over. I'm on the lookout for a Cerro Porteño jersey to take over there. It's "my" soccer team here in Paraguay. I prefer it because it's "the team of the people". The fans are really crazy and usually occupy the lower class, which is awesome. It's fun to go along with the people and be friendly toward the people here. Just a great time to make friends and become more Christlike. 
Christmas in Paraguay is always cool with lots of fireworks, loud music, and barbecues. It's summer time, so that whole "silent night" peacefulness of Christmas in the states doesn't really exist. It's more like "let's go crazy because the messiah is born woohoo" . I love Paraguay. Makes me laugh every day.

Elder Wilson

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