Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tilicum the Man-Eating Killer Whale (April 25,16)

We've been having a super great time in Ca'aguazù, and Elder Mumford and I are starting to get to know each other a bit better. He's a really great missionary and extremely diligent. Very happy to have him around. To tell you a little more about him, he told me a funny story this morning about how his family cried at seaworld because of how they mistreat the orcas. "Save the whales, man!"  I've always gotten along with people like that. It was pretty funny because when we were talking about it I mentioned that he killed a duck last week, and we were all laughing. Really I'm super happy he's my companion and we get along super well. He's very spiritual, and even though he's a lot newer than me, I have tons to learn from him. We taught a lesson entirely in English to an english teacher, and during the middle of the lesson we were both like "wow the spirit is so strong right now!" and the man we were teaching really opened his heart to us about the book of mormon. He had an English copy, and it was cool to read from the scriptures to someone in English for the first time since Elder McDermott and I taught that volunteer guy in Paraguari. This time was way better, though, because the spirit manifested itself in a very strong way. 

This week we had a pretty high attendance in sacrament meeting, and we've been working hard with the branch to get things moving. We had a big splits activity with the Elder's Quorum which was cool. We added up to about 7 companionships in total of missionaries and members. The purpose of the activity was to jump start the home teaching program, and from the looks of it, it was a success. Now we've gotta be working hard to retain those fruits and keep it growing. It's an interesting thing here in the branch, and working with Church administration in general, is that it's dependent on everybody playing theirpart. The missionaries do all we can in our own position, and the spirit that the members feel will help them become self-sufficient. The plan isn't to make things really really great immediately by doing literally everything ourselves, but to
help them help themselves. I love it, and it truly works. As far as I can tell, of course. I'm only 19.
It's a pleasure to be a helping hand in the Lord's vineyard.

I also had the opportunity to give a talk on sunday. I shared some stories and scriptures, mostly about not judging others and loving one another, related with sharing the gospel with otheres. I really do love giving talks. It's a perfect way to communicate a message, and if you do it just right, with the spirit, it can be a great tool to bring to pass a lot of good things. It's for introspection and self change, and it's obvious why the General Conference is such a big deal. It's a sacred way to communicate a message.  I remember when I left I was always so nervous and scared to give talks. Which is weird because I remember that I talk a lot. But that nervousness is gone, and a sort of... happiness that always wants to share a message and be a part of the work. That's not to build up my homecoming talk or anything. I have no idea how it'll be in English. Can I just give my talk in the spanish-speaking Branch? Just kidding!


Elder Wilson

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