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101 Things To Do When Your Companion Has Dengue Fever (April 11,16)

of the Chaves Family
Carlos, Cinthia, and Yesica

This week we had a wonderful baptismal service for the Chaves family. They're a great family with humble hearts and testimonies. They're a tender mercy of the Lord to us as missionaries and to the branch. It's been really cool to see them grow in such an incredibly short amount of time, seeing as they got visited by the missionaries for the first time only like 2 weeks ago. Elder McDermott, who is from my group and was my companion in Paraguari, is the other District Leader out here in Caaguazu as well, and there are some new rules about interviews, but basically I can't interview my own converts, and the ZLs live in our same ward, so he had to do it. It's nice to be out here among friends in the Caaguazu. The Chaves family had a nice, simple wedding service followed by a great baptism. I baptized the mom (Cinthia), and the next day I confirmed the dad (Carlos). It was the first time I've ever done the speaking part of the confirmation (normally we delegate that to a member and just participate in the circle), but we're in a tiny little branch with less than 40 attendance, so it was necessary. The spirit was very strong in that meeting. I love this church. 

But my companion didn't get to go to any of it.

That`s right! Elder Mumford has Dengue fever. It was so sad because it was his first baptism, too. We tried to get permission from the mission president, but they turned us down on that one.
Elder Mumford is a real trooper, so he was all like ``oh that's okay, I'll just go with them to the temple for their sealing in a year``. We've been confined to the house most of the week, and I'm pretty sure I've watched every movie or video ever produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Watching Special Witnesses of Christ was really awesome. President Faust's testimony almost made me cry! But seriously it's been really weird seeing as I haven't been really really really sick, like bedridden, since my training, and now Elder Mumford is going through that. The four of us in our house have been taking turns staying at home with him so we don't go crazy.

We also had a meeting in AsunciĆ³n for leaders... again. Normally just the ZLs go, but now President is inviting the District Leaders as well. It was a four hour busride there, and another one back, and we got to stay in ``the cave`` at the office. Which is a dark room with a bunch of beds where the new missionaries stay their first night.

It was a good week, but seeing as we didn't work much with my comp being sick and two full days for this meeting, I'll probably have more to write next week. Tomorrow we go to the temple, and I'll make sure to send a ton of pictures. If I can.


Elder Wilson
Chavez Wedding

Cutting the cake
More photos from the wedding

The other elders have the baptism photos on their cameras so I'll have to shoot them over next week! I used one of those white jumpsuits again but this time I'm 99% sure it was made for a child. Way too small! But it was a lovely service and on sunday Brother Chaves got up and gave his testimony and it was honestly pretty great.

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