Sunday, May 8, 2016

Holiness to the Lord, The House of the Lord (April 18, 2016)

Dear Family and Friends,
This week we went to the Temple! I love the House of the Lord, and cannot express just how much I love to be there, and what a blessing it is to even be allowed in once a year. Every time it's just a renewing and revitalizing experience, and I would invite all of those that are worthy, but not participating in temple ordinances on a regular basis, to exercise their faith and go eat a feast at the dinner table of the Lord. It truly is that awesome. I make that invitation knowing full well just how easy it is to say that kind of thing while I'm 24/7 working for Heavenly Father and on a mission, but I have a personal goal concerning temple work after the mission and I truly know that it will help me to grow, help others, and recieve personal revelation. Baptisms, Endowments, Sealings, whatever it is, just go! What more can I say? I love to see and be around the temple, and being there with our Mission President and his wife along with all of the missionaries was absolutely stunning. It's such a sight to see a spotless, white, basically perfectly glowing building with a huge golden statue on it, right across from the local Burger King.  Have it His way. haha terrible joke.
I also got to go to Coronel Oviedo rama 1 again! We had a district conference for all the members in Caaguazu and Coronel Oviedo with the mission president, and it was crazy to go back and see everybody and be inin my first branch again. My convert Mariela Gonzales from Ñemby was also there, with her new fiancè! She's going to get married to an active melchizedek priesthood holder who lives in Coronel Oviedo. They're to be married on May 12th. They can't go through the temple yet because she's a new convert, but in a year they're planning on getting sealed. That will be a great day. We took some pictures on her camera to send to the members in Ñemby. I was pretty stoked.  The Chaves family was also present at the conference, and they're doing really well. We stopped by their house last night, and their daughter was studying her Seminary manual, the mom was cooking brownies (that we showed her how to cook a little while ago), and the dad was watching the Joseph Smith movie. Elder Mumford almost passed out he was so excited.
Elder WIlson
District Meeting

Killed a duck

Elder Dyer from Vegas

Goat Selfie

The Duck

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