Sunday, May 8, 2016

Serious Easter Letter (March 28,2016)

So this week was Semana Santa, which is the best time to remember the Lord and the sacrifice he made for all of us. We've been working hard with the new "Aleluya" campaign, and invited tons of people to church. It was good to share the message of repentance with tons of people this last week, and it touched the hearts of many. We had a good attendance at church, which was another blessing because it was a chance to invite everyone to General Conference this next weekend.
I'm very excited to see what the General Authorities say this time around. I have grown to love and appreciate the spirit of conference and the words of the Lord directed at me through the prophets. I know that they really are prophets of God, and that if I (and all of you) listen to what they say, every single talk will have something to do with something happening in our lives. What a blessing.

I also had the chance to give more priesthood blessings. I feel like a fish out of water without my consecrated oil. It's a good feeling to know that if the Lord needs me, I'm here and ready to run an errand. He's blessed me with so many opportunities to serve in that priesthood as well as executive administrative capacity, and it's giving me lots of experience. In the mission you get to be a pastor, a preacher, a psychologist, a councilor, a doctor, a president, a friend, a disciple, and a leader. You get to see so many problems and so many solutions, and from what I've seen, any problem in any family or home is always caused by pride, in one way or another. It's the worst and deadliest kind of sickness, and laziness is usually the most common form. Charity on the other hand gets us through all of our problems. Those are just a few of the things I've learned in the mission that are helping me out every single day. I love Christ and his atonement. It's funny because we always require charity for others, but so often we forget that we also need to put it into practice. With companions, with investigators, mission and church leaders, and with everybody. Just some food for thought. All you need is love. 

This week is transfer week as well, which is stressful as always. I don't see the need for all the cloak & dagger stuff with the transfer info, but I'm sure Heavenly Father has his reasons.  We'll see what happens. I'll just end well and do a few cool tricks on the way down the slope. 

one last thing- so in Paraguay everybody spends this whole week watching 
The Passion of the Christ
What in the world happened, Mel Gibson?! Seriously everybody had it on at every house and wow the bloodiest "christian movie" I've ever seen. Like we had to tell people to turn the tv off so many times. Impossible to feel the spirit. The priest guy from the Fifth Element is Ciaphas, I think? Also they did a great job with the Jesus actor for making him look exactly like a catholic painting. All skinny and sad. Sorry for the movie rant okay okay okay calm down elder. See you next week!

Elder Wilson

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