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Ca'aguazu (April 4, 2016)

So now I live in Ca'aguazu. It's a city that sits about a 3 hour double-decker busride from my last area. It passes my first area, Coronel Oviedo First Branch, and goes way out into the boonies over to Ca'aguazu Third Branch. I'm no longer in a stake, and after being in the city for about a year, I'm back in the long open fields and wooden houses of the field country.

And I love it.

My companion is Elder Mumford, a relatively new Elder (he's about 6 months in) from Washington State. He's really a great guy, and kind of a hippie (he puts peace signs on the registries and stuff next to his name), which is always fun. We're getting along really well and working hard. He's very diligent and obedient, like I like to be, so we get along and arent seeing any problems. We've got a family in plans to get baptized this saturday. It'll be a wedding/baptism, and they're really just humble to the core and are filled with faith. 

Here in Ca'aguazu there is only one latin Elder, Elder Franchini (our Zone Leader) from Argentina, who I live with. I'm living in a four man house as well. I'm also a District Leader again. This time I've got about 3 branches in my district. It'll be fun to run around the District and help out all the Elders. The majority of them are really really new and inexperienced. Our branch president, President Dewett speaks english as well. He's South African and looks like he's had a pretty hardcore life. He literally looks and talks like one of those old timey hunter guys with the khaki outfit and big hat and rifle with the feather and everything. He's pretty cool, and we're all excited to help the church grow here.

Saying goodbye to Ñemby was, of course, pretty hard. I love the people there so much, and it was my favorite area for sure. For almost 8 months I worked a ton with the ward and investigators, and I love them all so much. They were with me to help out in every facet of the mission, and I can't wait to visit them again. Good friends. 

One sister, from the Baez family, who we reactivated early on in my time in Ñemby, who was recently called as counselor in the young women's program, and her husband, who was also recently called to the ward high council (an ex missionary) , we're notably hard to say goodbye to. They moved to the sister's area my last few weeks there (we had eaten with them every other saturday in my time there as well, and so I had to say goodbye over the phone my last day. It was nice and everything, nothing too crazy, but the sister missionaries (who were at their house at the exact time I called) later told me that the Sister Baez had tears in her eyes as she put down the phone, and told the sisters about how I was the most important Elder to ever pass by their home. They had been inactive for quite some time, and right when I met them I had felt inspired to talk to them about family prayer, and asking god whether or not they should attend. Apparently the other Elders before me had just sort of chatted with them after lunch, and I happened to be the first Elder to try to share something in one of those visits. The sisters said that they'd never seen something like that for a missionary. I was, needless to say, touched at the sentiment, and that kind of love is one of the many blessings of being the Lord's servant. It was very humbling for me. Like, I don't think I'm that special, but I do know how much I love them all. That's only one of the families as well!

The General Conference of the church this year was wonderful as well. An outpouring of the Spirit on so many levels, and a wonderful last conference for my mission. I'm so happy I got to watch every last talk, and soak in the spirit of it all. Elder Holland, as always, had everybody in tears. Watching he and the other apostles give their testimonies, as well as our beloved and amazingly fearless Prophet Thomas S. Monson, is an inspiration and a strength. I along with Elder Holland invite everyone not to forget about the conference. Application, after all, and action, are the essence of the Gospel. Love, love, love.

Also, I forgot to mention that my ex mission president, Pedro David Agazzani, was called as an Area 70 in the conference. He was the first name when they said the names of the new area authorities.
Everybody jumped out of their chairs!

Haha these letters are a lot longer now. 
I guess better late than never!


Elder Wilson

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