Saturday, March 19, 2016

Arto de Colombianos (Feb. 15,2016)

This week was a bit slow, to be honest. The sun was hot and the siesta was killer, but we got some work done, and one of the investigators of the elders in Coronel Oviedo moved here and hopefully get's

baptized in a few weeks. It's the aunt of the kid, Thiago, that I baptized. Thiago's dad served in Barranquia, Colombia, while Pablo Escobar was still a big deal, and he was telling me some seriously crazy stuff that went on over there in Colombia. He said that they've really cleaned things up since then. I met a few Elders from Medellin as well, and told me that it's temperate all year round. They said "perfect temperature". Ethan will have to update us on that one. Elder Cardenas, who was our district leader in San Antonio with Elder Sander also told me (he's from Bogota) that Colombia has a pretty strong church membership in certain places. Ethan will definitely have a thick colombian accent. 

The reason I got to talk to all of these Elders is because we had a Special Leadership Training Conference in Asunciòn today. It took for-EVER, and I had to be on the hottest, sweatiest bus of all time for like another fouur hours there and back, but it was a great meeting. I got to see 4 of my companions as well as a bunch of friends. Honestly I'm pretty sure Elder Sander is like one of my best friends ever. He's seriously a super cool dude, and he ends in March. His parents are going to pick him up in march and he told me he'd pass by wherever I'm at to say hi. Kapoìte. We talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ in our meeting, and was an answer to many prayers about the state of the Church in Paraguay. Just such a spiritual meeting filled with wonderful commentaries from all of the ZLs and DLs (and Sister Training Leaders, one of which is an american who goes home with me who's parents are from Cali, Colombia. I heard a lot about colombia today. sorry, I'm just a little excited for Ethan. and for Jim! Okay sorry)

But really I'm happy for the mission here. I've been working a ton with the Stake Leadership and Ward Leadership here in Ñemby, especially our Bishop, the High Council, and the Stake Presidency, to make sure that our Zone is strong. Right now Ñemby has the best attendance in the Stake, and I think next week I have transfers, which makes me a wee bit sad. Definitely my favorite area. I'll definitely come back to visit. 


Elder Wilson

Elder McDermott, companion (District Leader, Caaguazu)

Elder Jara ,Companion (District Leader, Atyrà)

Elder Sander, favorite companion(District Leader, Villarica del Espiritu Santo)

Elder Franchini,  ex assistant (Zone Leader, Caaguazu)
                           Elder Cozzens from my group (current Assistant, Herrera)
Elder Ruiz, my ZL when I was in Paraguari (Zone Leader, Amambay)

               Elder Tripp, friend, started his mission with me in Coronel Oviedo (DL, Caacupe)

       Elder Beynet, friend, ex assistant, and was one of our district leaders here in the zone (Dl Reducto 2

 Elder Moura, friend, companion of Elder Tejeda, Elder Sander, and ex assistant (zL Coronel Oviedo

 Elder Tejeda, friend, friend of Elder Sander, ex secretary of baptismal registries or whatever you call them. he's super funny and from the dominican republic. Yes, he does play baseball. (ZL Tayuazape)

Elder Dougher, friend, I was the first guy he ever went on splits with! (DL Pinoza)

Elder Torrico, friend, current secretary of baptismal thingies, was our district leader in the zone here as well

Elder Greene, friend, lived with me in Paraguari, trainer of Elder Abarza 
(DL Lambare with Gabriel who's serving in a mini mission, but is one of my best freinds from Ñemby- he goes on a mission to Viña Del Mar Chile May 11th)

Elder Abarza, friend, lived with me in Paraguari for like 5 months (ZL Caacupe)

Elder Greene, friend, lived with me in Paraguari, trainer of Elder Abarza 

Elder Franchini, Alternate  photo not my fault, it was all him. He's from Argentina
Elder Sander with me again
A bunch of friends (they're all from the same group. Sister McDougal was here in Ñemby with us as well, Elder Horton in Paraguarì... just a bunch of missionaries.)

I'm pretty sure that apart from Elder Garbett, all of my current comps and friends were in this meeting. 

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