Saturday, March 19, 2016

Baptism of Mariela Gonzales! (Feb.29,16)

Baptism of
 Mariela Gonzales!

So Elder Vasquez and I got to baptize and confirm Mariela Gonzales, who came from Coronel Oviedo recently, and has been investigating for a while. It was a great service, my companion baptizing, and me directing the service. I had the chance to share some thoughts and hear from others talk about the importance of baptism to Mariela, which was wonderful. A certain spirit filled the room as her neice, who is the seminary teacher here in the ward, shared her testimony and her joy that her aunt was being baptized. I've seen so many miracles happen in so many lives, and so many people with great and grand testimonies. Mariela is one of them. I have absolutely no doubts that she will continue to be a strength in the church. When she came for the first time to our ward, she cried because it's only a block from her house, and only about 40 minutes from the temple, and because there are so many people (over a hundred!) that go to church here in the ward. It was sweet to see that something we take for granted in other places really affected her and moved her. 

I was recently reading the wonderful words of the Lord in Doctrine and Covenants section 84, especially one of my favorite parts (so great that the Lord thought to say it on three seperate occasions and in about 5 or so different books of scripture. It's section 84 verses 81-85. You know, the whole Lilies of the field thing. I especially love the addition to D&C in verse 85. That knowledge that the Lord will fill our mouths and the spirit will flow through us is a great promise from the scriptures, especially as a missionary.

This week has been a little hard as far as the work goes. It's summer, but school started up again and nobody has been home, but every day I see the hand of Heavenly Father in my life. Gosh I feel so different from before, My emails used to be filled with jokes and songs and stuff. Haha, well, I guess that's really a very good thing.

I know Heavenly Father lives and that we are His children. I'm so happy to be his servant and to have stayed in this ward. My mission has been so great, and I can't wait for everyone else to get to experience what I've felt here and what I've seen. 


Elder Conner James Wilson

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