Saturday, March 19, 2016

A long time in one area (Feb. 22,16)

So I'm staying in Ñemby another transfer with Elder Vasquez. 
That's going to be interesting.
This week we had interviews with President. It was great to talk to him and hear advice, and talk about the state of our Zone and our mission. He's an amazing example and he knows his stuff. I guess he thought we were doing a good job, because we're staying here another change. 7 1/2 months is a long time in one ward.  Holy cow this is just hitting me now. Wow how neat is that. Now I could potentially end my mission here haha (not going to happen). I think it'll be great, and Elder Vasquez and I are doing really well as a companionship. I'm happy with where I'm at, and I do love this ward a ton. It's my favorite area, so I'm not upset about it or anything.
My convert, Alejandro Montero, baptized the Sister's convert Mariela on saturday. It was wonderful to see that he passed the reference to the sisters, they taught her, and he got to baptize her. It was the first time he'd baptized anyone, and he was very very happy to be able to do it. Just a wonderful experience to see him strengthening his testimony.
We also have a woman who we're going to baptize this week, also named Mariela. She moved from Coronel Oviedo, and has a great testimony. We're going to interview her this week and she'll be baptized by friday. I'll make sure to send photos of the whole thing. I'll also send photos of my convert at the baptism of the other Mariela as well.
we're doing the transfers for the Zone right now and eveyone is freaking out. We've got about 12 missionaries in our cyber and they're all like "OOH You're going to Paraguari oh I'm going to blah blah blah" super funny to see. I'm just over here quietly writing. I love my mission.
John 4:35

Elder Wilson

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