Monday, February 23, 2015

Hakù Tererèi (1/26/15)

This week was really, really hot. For the first time, we had to take several breaks in the shade just to not get heat stroke or something. Try walking 6 hours in 90 degree weather with what seems like a swimming 200% humidity. Actually it's pretty fun, and everybody always makes fun of my comp for having a bright red burnt sausage nose  because he doesn't use sunblock like I do. This week not much happened, so I'm going to explain some really weird random stuff.

First I'll talk about Goliath. Not the giant that David killed before he became an adulterer, but the pitbull that follows the missionaries (me) around every day! What a sweet guy. From anyone who's known me for longer than a few months, they'll know I'm not really a dog person. It might seem weird to find out that my companion and I hang out with a pitbull all the time, and it waits outside our house until we leave and follows us until we go home. It's a really calm dog, and protects us from other dogs which is cool. I'm just waiting for the day it snaps and eats my face off. Just kidding mom! Really it follows us maybe a few times a week and comes to Branch Night for the English classes and soccer. Totally a cool guy. When it follows us to lessons it always pees in people's houses. I don't really want to tell it to go away so we just sort of go along with it. 

By the way the subject of this email means "it's hot outside" in guaranì. Essentially the equivalent of Hace Calor in spanish, or RRRAAAAGHR in Wookie. Wow I'm a little crazy today. Please forgive me because honestly the sun is frying my brain. Probably. 

We're switching things up a lot, and I can already see the affects on the branches in Paraguay. It's a great place, and we're working hard all the time. Really, really fun.


Elder Wilson
Will try to send all of the pictures he can

this cool thing I bought for 70 mil guaranìes from an ex missionary in the branch. It's really cool and I'm totally bringing it home.


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