Monday, February 23, 2015

Dropping like flies (2/2/15)

So today I'm on splits with an Elder named Elder Horton (hears a who) because Elder McDermott is in Asunciòn at a leadership conference. Not a super interesting week, so I'm just going to blabber about odd specifics I'll never think about again after my mission. Probably. 

You know, at the beginning of my mission I thought that splits were a terrible idea. I've had pretty cool companions, and at times it seemed as though splits were just a time for everyone to come in and eat all of my food. But, as missionaries always do, I have grown past that first stage into the true awesomeness of splits. Really every time you have a companion you're with them to learn something, even if it's only for a day.

 I've really been trying to learn as much as I can because Elder McDermott and I recently hit the reset button on our investigators and are essentially dropping everyone to find new people. Now we've really hit a groove where we're teaching really well and I've been trying to help him out [in ensuring real conversion before baptism. I'm 100% certain it's why I'm here with him, and why I was with Elder Henrie, who is known as the "rebel of the mission" he constantly argues with some of the other missionaries about the obsession with numbers. Pretty funny to watch.

That's what you get when you're in the highest baptizing areas in one of the highest baptizing missions in the world. I've never really had issues with the leadership, because really I'm just here to help people get into heaven. McDermott has like a 3 for 19 active to inactive convert ratio. As of today, I'm 6 for 6. 

This week I also had some super fun bible bash sessions with some catholics. Let's just say we bashed pretty hard on the whole mother mary thing. It was hilarious and probably humiliating for the guy, but he was really mean so, maybe he learned something.

I'm probably staying where I am, though. We'll see.


Elder Wilson

I got this sick custom made scripture case made for my triple.
The guy and all the missionaries say this is the coolest one they've seen. All the others just have like a picture of jesus on the front and baptism stuff on the back. Mine has like Moroni with a backdrop of bricks with real aztec/mayan symbols for the book of mormon, the facsimile of abraham and the mission logo for the pearl of great price, and the first vision overlayed on some 1800s bricks. Pretty tight and super durable
100,000 guaranìes

me chillin' with thiago and mauri who are the converts of Elder Arrington. They come to church and are really cool. Thiago (who is throwing the gangsign) talks really fast and in a super high cartoony voice like ethan when he was little, and Mauri is super smart and really cool.

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