Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Another Baptism (in a river)
(but this time we had our ZL do it)

This week we baptized a 10 year old girl named Veronica. For those of you that have been keeping up with my weekly series of masterpiece epistles, this is the second young woman named Veronica I've baptized. Go figure! This time Veronica decided that she wanted our ZL to actually do the baptism, which was already kind of a plan of ours anyway because he's never baptized in a river. That really isn't the point, but it worked out anyway and was a cool experience for him and for Veronica. She's really cool, is in a part member family, and has friends in the church, so she has a support system with the members that will help her stay active. We did this baptism in a beautiful jungle area that had a really cool waterfall. I'll try to send pictures of that as well. 

Other than that, we did not have a sacrament meeting in Guazu Kua this week due to rain. Rain rain rain rain rain. We went there wednesday in the rain with some youth (which was super fun) but all of my paper stuff that wasn't laminated (planner, missionary manual) got destroyed. 

Really I can barely remember this week. I hit 6 months in the mission, and time is flying by. This week was filled with work stuff, I don't know.


Elder Wilson

P.S. Chipa is actually super good I was so wrong

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