Monday, February 23, 2015

How's the weather up there? (‏ (2/16/15

So this week was the week of transfers. Goodbye Elder McDermott,
Hello Elder Liddell. Once again I'm shocked at just how many American companions I've had. Literally not one latino, which is basically unheard of. 

Anyways, you'll all be happy to find out that he's another tall guy! 6'4!
I think President Agazzani just thinks it's funny to see a huge giant walking around with a little short guy like me. I do get to make lots of tall jokes, which is always really fun.

I also had the chance to talk to Elder Arrington and Elder Henrie in the Terminal in Asunciòn during transfers, and I found out some cool stuff.

First of all, Pedro (my convert) now has the priesthood and has blessed the sacrament! SO PROUD, and is still active. My other convert Carlos went to EFY a few weeks ago and is also still active in the church. Made my day. Really it's awesome to see that everything is going well over there in Coronel Oviedo still, and things are doing okay in Paraguarì as well. A fun time for sure. Elder Arrington is super jealous that I'm here. Just look at all these awesome fruits of my labors. Absolutely not wasting my time here. Anyone that says a mission is a waste of time either never went on a mission or broke all of the rules all the time.

Also sorry but I forgot to take a photo withe Elder Liddell. You say his name like Chuck Liddell, but everybody here says it like "leetle" or "little" which they already called ME, which is confusing and only hurts my tender heart a little bit.

Really that's all I have to talk about this week. Summer is hot here, reading all of the standard works is an endurance race that's longer than I had thought, and I found a place that sells Snickers.


Elder Wilson
Short, but, has an awesome girlfriend. Happy late Valentine's Day, hon.

Also happy 17th Birthday to Ethan. You're so old, dude! One year left muahahaha

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