Monday, September 1, 2014

Proverbs 25:25‏

Proverbs 25:25‏ - As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

This place has sure been crazy, and I'm sure you all have questions, but I don't even know where to start, so i'll just give a brief overview, and I'll probably omit some stuff as to not scare my Mom or Maren ;)

When we first got to Asuncion, I was surprised at how modern it was. Everything was nice and shiny and new. Then I got assigned to the Campos.

My area is... interesting.  It's absolutely the most impoverished place I have ever been. There are animals everywhere and people either live in homes made of plywood, sheet metal, mud, or black trash bags. (Also when I'm describing this area please don't think I'm hating life because actually I have a great attitude about it and love the people here, as weird as they are. I'm just describing it). My house hasn't had water since the 29th (so no showers or bathrooms!), and we live next to a transvestite, but I'm really keeping my head up and having a blast. Also,  I walk miles and miles for hours every day and everybody speaks Guarani. Nobody has blue eyes here, and my companion says they love mine and that whenever I buy anything from Paraguayan ladies I can talk them down to nothing. 

I have an American companion. His name is Elder Arrington and he's actually a really cool guy and a great missionary, which I'm so thankful for. My spanish is improving every day and I'm having tons of fun learning and growing. My package got here and I LOVE IT. Apparently that betty crocker stuff is like gold here in Paraguay because it doesn't exist. I've also (not by the choice of my companion and I) had McDonald's twice and dominoes once. They put full sized oreos in the McFlurries. We also got two of our investigators to go to church sunday. Speaking of church, instead of drinking fountains they have a water cooler with a single cup that is used by everyone in the branch. Yummy.

Well, this place is super crazy and fun and I love teaching the tiny little people here. I love your mail and I look forward to having more time and information to talk about next week.


Elder Wilson

Los Campos
 My kitchen
Front room
The bathroom

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  1. After all those lovely pictures of his new home, and he's still smiling. Awesome. Signed: Carol Wilson