Monday, September 8, 2014

Here be Dragons

I live in:
Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay.

You guys asked for more info, so heeeeere you go!

We left the MTC and I was pretty thankful to finally be on my mission because I was sort of iffy on the whole MTC experience. Although my Spanish benefitted me greatly, and I often get told by investigators and otherwise, that I speak with a better accent and diction than any other american missionary.

So after landing in Paraguay (in a plane that had a huge picture of Lionel Messi on it) and walking out onto the tarmac like the Beatles, we went to the mission home and stayed the night (it wasn't anything too special). The next day, each person from my MTC group was assigned our companions and areas. I was assigned to Elder Arrington, who is 19, from Utah, and about a little over a year year into his mission.

From there we rode on a 3 hour bus ride (on the very top front seats of a double decker bus, no less). On this bus ride we listened to a single song on repeat over the loudspeakers for 3 hours. Only the highest of quality songs are played here, so of course it was something along the lines of "Peace this Christmas" by Hillary Duff, from the soundtrack of Cheaper By The Dozen. 

You already know a little about our "house". It has water now, though, and we're looking to find a home where we don't hear nuestros vecinos, the transvestites breaking plates and crying for 4 hours during study time.

Oh also i've been sick. From about friday morning at 5 am until saturday at about 5 pm, I've been sick with the Double Headed Dragon. I've been asked to not censor these emails, so basically it's been throwing up at the same time as having diarrhea (also a fever of 100 but that's not important right)? Don't worry though I'm 100% better now.

OK so anyway we also had a baptism. A woman named Soledad. It wasn't strictly our Baptism, because it was the investigator of other missionaries in our district, but both my companion and I have taught this person, and my companion Baptized her. Take note from the first photo I sent that Latins all over the world like to point at things in photos. The second picture is of my comp and I. Elder Sanchez, the taller Latino in white at the far left is from Mexico, and is really cool. He speaks English, and when he heard me singing a certain song I love, he went "Aw MAN I loooove de esmeeths" He likes similar music to me and is really cool. 

The younger boy in baptism gear, Josue, was set to be baptized, but didn't want to get submerged fully. He's 8 years old and likes to sit next to me in Sacrament meeting. He wears my tag sometimes. 

Anyway, it has been a really interesting, stressful, awesome, wonderful, crazy week, and I can't wait to tell you all more about my first baptism when that comes. Which actually could be like... next week? Maybe the next week after that? We'll see. We have some really cool investigators lined up.

From Paraguay with love,

Elder Wilson

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