Thursday, August 21, 2014

La Palabra De Sabiduría‏

Week 5 was filled with both boredom and excitement. Mostly excitement.

Proselyting last week was incredibly fun. We destroyed as far as numbers go, nearly tripling the amount of contacts and references we obtained. I really hope the missionaries here use our references because honestly we got so many. We had tons fun going to a much busier and much poorer part of Buenos Aires.

I got offered alcohol and marijuana several times while proselyting.

On one such occasion, we walked up to what was probably the sketchiest street corner in the entire city, where a group of people were definitely up to no good. As we walked up I noticed that not only was someone literally rolling dope a foot away from me, but another was smoking a fat doobie and handing someone a bag of a mysterious green substance. It was fairly obvious. So of course, being missionaries, we approached them with the standard "ustedes tienen tiempo por un poquito mensaje acerca de Jesucristo y su Evangelio?" which is probably wrong (gramatically, somehow) but they seemed to get the point. We talked to them for a little bit, and talked to one of the customers and his three year old daughter.

I then handed them all Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets (with word of wisdom pamphlets hidden inside each) and we got out of the area pretty quickly.

Another area I went to with my compañeros was filled with people, and we walked up to  what looked to us like an asado. It turned out to be a work gathering of some sort and we talked to the people for a little while. It seems that everyone in South America comes to the conclusion that I somehow look like Justin Beiber. They decided to be nice (and they thought it was soooo funny that I looked "exactly" like Beiber) and gave my companions and I some steak sandwiches right off of the grill for free, even though we offered to pay. Overall it was a really fun adventure, and although I didn´t take any photos while I was there, I´ll definitely take some this week when we go back.

We also said a prayer with a sweet old lady who couldn't communicate with us  and had some sort of debilitating palsy, and when we gave her the pass-along card of Jesus she kissed it and it was so, so sad.
Other than that the week was fairly standard. The new latinos are 9x crazier than the last two groups, and have come to the obvious conclusion that I am Justin Bieber, and that Maren (I´m really sorry Maren-I'll never show them my pictures ever again) is Miley Cyrus. They also really like Brynn which I tell them is really creepy of them because some of them are like 20.

This is my last week in the MTC! It´s been a wild ride but I can´t wait to get out in the field. I know I´m doing a great work, and although this letter was a little more lighthearted, I´m excited to feel the spirit and do the Lord´s work.

Elder Wilson

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  1. Guess I need to get a better look at Justin Bieber. Cool pics.