Saturday, February 6, 2016

Confirmed (Jan. 11,2016)

This week was great, with lots of opportunities to serve and use my Priesthood. On tuesday the sister missionaries in the ward had a baptism, and I was the one that was chosen to perform the ordinances. It was a wonderful experience especially since it was one of those "wedding baptisms". They're Adrian and Adriana Rodas. Adrian and Adriana. I know, right? But in all honesty it was amazing, and I felt the spirit testify of the act as I put them in the water. Another tender mercy of the Lord in my life. 

I also had the opportunity to confirm Alejandro Montero yesterday, and honestly it was another outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He went out on his first day as a member to do home teaching. I got to give a talk as well, where I talked about home teaching. I was able to talk a little bit about being companions with President Mauer, and how wonderful that was for me to learn from a true disciple. It seemed to have an effect on them, especially when I told them about how only a few weeks before he passed I "was too busy" to go out and do my visits. I never got another opportunity to visit with him, and it was something that really effected me. It was a spiritual experience to be able to share about how I was before the mission, for good and bad. I really do just love this gospel and am amazed at every corner about the love that Heavenly Father offers us. I'm surprised that I didn't really understand it even at the start of my mission, but I've seen many miracles and am a witness to the pure love of Christ. 

We also went out with two companionships in splits this week, on thursday and friday. First I went with Elder Ashby from South Jordan, Utah, who is in his training, and then with Elder Còrdova from Peru, who goes home in two days. I've thouroughly enjoyed being a zone leader these past few months, and with transfers being this wednesday, who knows what will happen. Every assignment does have it's end. 


Elder Wilson

                                                       Witness for the wedding

                                               Here's some cool photos of the baptism

These are the sisters from the ward. It's pretty funny because one of the sisters is american and one is from Peru, like Elder Vasquez and I. It's always interesting sharing a ward with sister missionaries. Once they tried to remove sisters and the members called and complained.

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