Saturday, February 6, 2016


Before I start, I just want to express just how happy I am that my brother, Ethan, has been called to serve in the Colombia Medellin mission. I can't express just how excited I am for him to be able to serve, and especially in a foreign, spanish speaking mission. We're definitely going to be speaking spanish together. My companion's brother served in Colombia, and says it's a great place to serve a mission. Spanish is a wonderful language and I know that my brother witll love it. I'm so proud of you, Ethan. Although I was secretly hoping that you would come to Paraguay to be my last companion. I'm not going to see my brother for 4 years, but it's gonna be great to email and send over all the stuff I've learned. There'll be 2 Elder Wilson's in the field again. 

This week we had our Zone Training, which was really a great experience trying to help the missionaries to be as happy as possible and to reach their potential. I always feel great working in that sort of capacity, and helping the other missionaries brings a different type of satisfaction that really is great. The AC broke in the chapel, so we had to give the training for 4 hours in the sweaty humid heat, even though we were inside. It turned out well, and everybody loved their shirts and the catering service that we had deliver lunch. I hope that everyone was edified and strengthened by the meeting. 

I also had splits with Elder Chura, from Bolivia. It was nice to show him our area and help him out with how to teach and study. 

I got a little sick with some throat stuff this week, but I'm getting a lot better. 

Mostly I'm really just excited for Ethan.


Elder Wilson

        The zone, and the shirts we had made

                                 Yes, that is Moroni/Jordan. How funny is that, right? 
                                                              he back of the shirts     

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