Monday, October 6, 2014

Blue Monday

This week we took a trip to Asunción for my exam. For those of you who are unaware, halfway through a Missionary´s training he or she goes to the mission home to take an exam to see how well they are getting along. So leading up to this I was pretty nervous, and feeling a little stressed about some other things, and I was sort of in the dumps a tiny bit. We took a three hour bus ride to Asunción through heavy rain (the bus was driving through several feet of water) and general terrible conditions.

On top of all this, the music of Paraguay was blasting over the radio in the bus. Polka Paraguaya and Cachaka music which sounds like *tiss tiss tiss* repeated a million times, played for about the first two hours. Then something rather unprecedented happened. "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order played on the bus radio, in the middle of backwater nowhere Paraguay. It was the weirdest,, coolest, strangest thing to have an alternative 80's hit play randomly amidst hours and hours of accordions and cymbals. 

The exam also went really well and I'm pretty sure if there were grades, I would have gotten an A.

We also went to visit ol´Pedro again, and he gave me a hug and a dozen eggs when we left. He's such a sweet guy and if he's living by this Saturday he's going to be baptized.

Ricardo, our gun toting, wild eyed investigator did not get baptized this week because he did not pass the interview, but he is really changing his life and can be baptized this Saturday as well. In a prayer he asked for all of his family to receive the blessings of baptism as well.

Conference was absolutely amazing this year. I think it's because I'm a missionary, but man did those talks rock the house/tabernacle. I especially loved the talks in languages. We watched it in English but switched it to Spanish for the talks that were in Spanish. It was really great and a spiritual experience that helped me feel both close to the Lord and to all of you.

Also as a side note I'm like 90% sure I saw Davis Ridings in the missionary choir during the Saturday priesthood session. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I totally thought either I saw him or someone looked exactly like him. If anyone knows, can you please remind him about that dog picture somehow. Thanks.

Other than that, not much went on this week. It was hectic and it's raining right now, but I'm having fun and getting ready to start my second change in Paraguay!


Elder Wilson
 A Paraguayan city from a double decker bus.
Some Paraguayan greenery on the fast lane.
  Conferencia General.
My new fanny pack from an elder who is about to leave, Elder Arongo from Colombia.

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