Monday, October 27, 2014

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems‏

So Tuesday morning we got a call from our Zone Leaders telling us that they found three houses for us. We went and checked them out and all three of them looked good enough to report to our President. So we did. Tomorrow the office workers are coming out to look at them and see if they will be good enough for the Zone Leaders to move into. We, on the other hand, would be moving into the ZL's current house above a pharmacy, which is conveniently located near the church and shopping on Mondays.

So after about 7 weeks of searching for a way to get out of the tomb we live in, we may have finally found a way to move out. With luck, we will probably be out of this house by the next time I write. 
I guess sarcasm and complaining really can solve all of my problems. 
Who knew? Just kidding, everyone. I absolutely owe it to all of the prayers that I, and I'm sure some of you have been saying for me. I oftentimes worry that my upbeat attitude about these kinds of things doesn't quite come across in a text format, especially when I'm talking about things that would normally seem unbearable. 

We also had a generally successful week that we believe will possibly culminate in a few baptisms in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that. We invited tons of people to sacrament meeting, but only one came. Normally this would have been disappointing, but then two random people showed up that just happened to have all of the asistencias they needed to get baptized in a few weeks. Pedro also couldn't come to sacrament meeting or receive the priesthood yesterday because he was really sick. Yeah. 90 year old guy has "just a little cold". Well, at least I know where he's going when he dies.

Other than that, we've just been a little tight money-wise. We had to pay  for a bunch of trips to Asunción and stuff so money has been hard to come by, we're makin' progress though and I ordered some plaques in Guaraní. 

Guaraní es difícil ité, pero es divertido también 
Jahatupao Domingopé?


Elder Wilson
Guaraní-Español Spelling Bee Champion 2014-2016

P.S. Send my love to Nana Julie! Hope she's doing great!

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