Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 2 Electric Boogaloo‏

I apologize for the title of this email but I had to do it. 

Week 2 at the MTC was more of the same. It's definitely a grind of class after class after class with a few nice things sprinkled in. The Spanish is going pretty well, and we're currently doing some odd grammar things in class. We sent off the Latin Elders (who only go to the MTC for 2 weeks) and the new group of 20 Americans and 20 Latins get here today. I'm really worried because on my schedule it said I was being moved into a new district with all the new people, which would set me back about 2 weeks of learning.  I'm going to try to get it all sorted, though. Last night we gave a priesthood blessing to one of the new Latin elders who recently had a hernia surgery, and it was interesting to try to do one for the first time (and in Español.) The food is good, but we have cereal for breakfast every single morning which is getting old really, really fast. It's really difficult to figure out what to write about because it's pretty bland over here in the Argentina CCM. Thanks for all the emails and love! I'll try to respond as much as I can.

Elder Wilson

 My District
  Another pose forced on me by Elder Luiz "my spirit latino"
  Elder Luiz forcing me to do some stupid pose
 Elder Stone and I
 My companions and some guys from another district
The Buenos Aires Temple

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