Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quatro Semanas‏

Week 4 at the CCM has gone by extremely fast, but I still have a few things worth mentioning.

We went out proselyting again on Saturday and did a great job (We exceeded our goals by kind of a lot). We did not get a chance to see Patricia again as her store was closed, but we met with a bunch of people and had lots of fun. It was great to run around and share the gospel with everybody we saw. We also had some killer homemade Dulce De Leche pie that was being sold out of a women´s clothing garage sale. Overall it was super fun and we had a great time, although we didn´t have any huge spiritual experiences, which is to be expected from a day trying to convince people to take pamphlets and explain our church.

The next group of Latino elders left two days ago as well. They were really cool guys and it was actually sad to see them go. My roommates were awesome, and one of them, Elder Ruiz Diaz, was teaching me Guarani which helped a lot. I got a 100 Chilean peso coin from the other one, Elder Rojas. A new group of Latinos arrived yesterday and will continue to arrive today, and they are all going to my mission or the missions of the other people in my district (Paraguay Asuncion/ Uruguay Montevideo). They seem pretty nice and can beatbox. These Elders actually don't call me Elder Bieber any more, but they did say I'm like "El Protagonista de Back to the Future", which I would say is an upgrade.

We continue to play soccer every day on the courts, and it´s pretty fun, I guess. I scored a goal yesterday and it was pretty funny because I´m generally not very good at soccer.

My Spanish is coming along pretty well, and I must say it is much easier to speak than it is to write. I´m definitely improving compared to my first week, and I can understand and speak pretty well (for being here for only four weeks). I´m getting along pretty well with everyone for the most part and we are all having a lot of fun.

The next P-day is my last P-day in the MTC, but I feel more and more prepared for the field every day. Once again I´m really grateful for all of the love and emails.


Elder Wilson

Elder Ruiz Dias (glasses) Elder Rojas (bottom) and my companions.
Me Proselyting in Buenos Aires.

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