Friday, November 13, 2015

Consejo de Lìderes‏ (Nov. 2,2015)

So starting off this week we had our leadership council meeting, which was a great way to see the direction that President has for the mission, and to hear the opinions of the other Elders. A good experience and a fun time to learn and grow as a missionary. There's a big focus on retention of recent converts, and we're shifting the focus of the mission a bit, but it's all one work anyway. It's all the work of the Lord. 
We do a lot of splits as Zone leaders. About once or twice a week, on tuesdays and fridays. We make lots of calls and we usually help out in the district meetings of the two districts under our charge. I went on another split in San Antonio, which was crazy. There was a ton of rain and it was a hard hard day. Nobody let us in, except for the baptismal interview which I was there to perform. It was a good growing experience. 
I also got a package which is always a blessing. Very happy to recieve letters and packages at any time. Hint hint. Just kidding, but it was good to get some fun stuff in the mail, right on time for my comps b-day and other fun stuff.
We also had the chance to help out some of the missionaries in the zone. There are some who are hospitalized and one that wants to go home. I had the opportunity to make a few calls and to try to calm her down and feel the spirit work through my companion and I. I know the Lord loves his missionaries. 
Not a lot happening lately, but I'm enjoying Ñemby and working really hard. We've got a christmas activity planned as a mission and we've got a talent show. If anyone has ideas shoot them over.

Elder Wilson

Also, my trainer is engaged. that's weird.

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