Monday, October 26, 2015

Zone 6 (Sept. 21,2015)

This week was a hectic mess of all sorts of meetings and craziness.

I'll start with monday. So we had our big ol' jedi council meeting on monday, which I talked about last week. The Elders from my group ask a ton of really obvious questions and it's a little embarassing, but pretty funny to see what's going on with all of the different missionaries, and the direction that President wants the mission to go as opposed to what the missionaries think. 

Then on thursday I gave my first Zone Training, which was super cool. It was a double Zone Training with Zones 6 and 7. It was a little boring, because we were talking about pamphlets and medical stuff, and many other such like things, but I think we did really well. Our Zone has been suffering quite a bit as far as numbers go before I got here, and most of the Elders and Sisters have almost completely lost the vision to baptize. It's interesting to see that at a certain point in my mission I've changed my way of thinking quite drastically. I've had a few companions with bad attitudes about Baptism, but right now, where I'm at, I love preaching baptism by immersion for the remission of sins. There's nothing like it, and I hope that my cheery attitude and the attitude of my companion can help kick the Zone into gear and start working like crazy to preach repentance to the people of Ñemby. I want President to be like "woah what's going on in Zone 6? it's like the waters of Mormon over there!". 
I think that's going to be just wonderful. We talked about it for a good half hour in our Zone Training.

There's a big Elder in Zone 7 named Elder Sherwood who always lifts me in the air for a bear hug and cracks my back in a million places. He's pretty cool. He played football for Mountain View in AZ, for those of you who know what that means. 

The next day we supervised interviews with President Wilson, which was amazing as well. I love having the opportunity to express my feelings about the mission and learn from someone so filled with inspiration from on high. President enlightened us a bit about his vision for the mission here in Paraguay, and I was filled with the spirit and am 100% ready to help establish Zion here in Asunciòn. How cool would that be to hear after my mission that Paraguay is basically the Utah of South America. In it to beat Peru haha just kidding. 

Other than that Elder Sander and I are doing just fine. Other than a busted AC unit, our house is great, our area is better, and the work is in progress. We have an investigator named Kevin who is going to get baptized the day of General Conference. He went to church yesterday with his family, and the young men's program jumped right in to help out. They even went over to his house to hang out and share a little bit. What a blessing. 


Elder Wilson

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