Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ñemby‏ (Sept. 14,2015)

I got transferred this week!
So right now I'm in an area called Ñemby 1.1 as a Zone Leader, and my companion is Elder Sander from Uruguay. Ñemby is impossible to pronounce.
A little about my new area, it's about 50% campo and 50% city, which is pretty nice. There are some spots that remind me immensly of Coronel Oviedo, and it shocks me to think that I was there over a year ago. People start to tell me in lessons that I'm like almost done with my mission and stuff and I'm just like "NO!! I'VE STILL GOT TONS OF TIME LEFT" it's pretty funny. I'm loving the work we're doing as well right now. Yesterday we confirmed 2 kids named Hugo and Samuel Vera, who are super great and I had the opportunity to participate in conferring the holy ghost on them.

The reason I'm late today is because we had a Zone Council meeting in Asunciòn today, and it took forever. It was a nice meeting, with a good spirit about it, with some minor and major changes to the way we do things in the mission. Overall really interesting, but definitely spiritually edifying. 
It's pretty great. Honestly I feel really awesome about everything that's going on right now. The spirit is so strong with us as we work and serve.
Elder Sander is pretty great. He's obedient, spiritual, and fun to be around. We get along great, and we work hard, and my shoes are getting absolutely decimated again. Finally. We're having an awesome time and I'm sure we'll have tons of success while we're helping out the other missionaries here. Also, Elder Sander is super tall! Hooray! Another huge companion. The kids here in Ñemby love my eyebrow movement thing, and now that I have the Thomas S. Monson-like  ability to wiggle my ears, I'm making a lot of friends, really really fast. 
The work is going super well. I'm happy to be here, as always. I also hear that Elder Garbett is doing good in Ka'aguy Rory with his new companion. As is Elder Jara.
Elder Arrington is home now and has a beard.

Elder Wilson

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