Monday, October 26, 2015

San Antonio (Oct. 12,2015)

This week is largely more of the same. I would love to say that it was incredibly different and crazy, but it was mostly just running around, growing a bit and trying to learn. Of the few things that happened, I did go on companionship exchanges with Elder Chura from Bolivia, in his area "San Antonio". It's a nice little town based around a single street, with the pretty LDS chapel right on the highway. It's been raining pretty constantly, so I've been soaking wet for days. We're trying to help the Elders be a little more intelligent with their Agency, which is working for now. 
I've learned in my mission that in order to help people in the gospel you have to love them, and show them that you love them. At first, for example, I would try to sort of show people why the gospel was true with information, then later on in my mission, tell them why it was true while respecting their beliefs and other aspects, now... I sort of just tell them the truth with love. I don't know how to explain that well, but basically I've found that people react well to honesty, frankness, and love. It's not that hard, but it's something I've had to learn. It's been a good change to show everyone with a smile that their Heavenly Father loves them, and that's why he sent us to them. 
We had the opportunity to attend the baptism of the Sisters in our district, who baptized a man with terminal cancer and his mother. The mom gave a wonderful testimony at the end of the service, and I had the opportunity to confer the Holy Ghost upon their heads. What a blessing it is to be a holder of the Priesthood of God. It's a privelage and an honor. I know I touch this subject a lot, but it shocks me just how much I've learned to appreciate that. 
I'm reading about the two thousand stripling warriors once again in Alma 56, which is a great chapter on the faith of the Ammonites. They're way cooler, and incredibly ripped, than I'll ever be, but I'll try to mimic their faith and remember that my own mother is probably very similar to theirs.

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